Customer info

Pally Biscuits is a financially healthy, independent, ambitious and very decisive Dutch company. We are completely focused on the production of well rotating private label propositions within sweet biscuits. Pally is one of the market leaders in North-West Europe.

Pally Biscuits’ right to exist

Your needs are of the utmost importance to us. Therefore, customer directed thinking and working is crucial. Everyday, we ask ourselves how we can further optimise your turnovers and profit within sweet biscuits.

Pally’s transparancy & Open-Costing

Purchasing natural resources competitively combined with the extremely efficient production compliant to all contemporary hygienic and quality requirement are fundamental to mutual success. We prefer longstanding partnerships based on ‘open-costing’. Honest, transparent and efficient. At any given moment in time, you have insight into the development of the most important natural resources and the consequences to your cost-price. We are happy to inform you about the mutual advantages.